March 21, 2017

We Need Your Help: Volunteers to Interview Prospective Students

The good news: We have lots of students applying to Columbia University.

The bad news: We need a lot more local alumni to interview them all.

If you've been looking for a way to give back to your alma mater this might be it.


Roger Ajluni (CC, '89), our local Alumni Representative Committee (ARC) chair for Columbia College and Columbia Engineering (SEAS),  says alumni of these two schools specifically are ideal candidates to conduct interviews. If that's you, simply contact the University at [email protected] or go directly to the website to register as a volunteer:

If you are a graduate of any other school, you can still help. Ajluni says to please contact him first if you are interested in volunteering so he can get you in the system. His email is: [email protected].

You'll need to follow the official guidelines once you register but basically here is what you can expect:

Once in the system you simply log in and request an interviewee based on location, school, etc. You accept or decline the name that pops up then schedule a meeting directly with the student. (The University does not allow meetings in your home. They must be either in a more public place, such as an office but only during normal business hours, or a public library or coffee shop.) Finally, you submit a report online through the website.

Volunteers can interview as many or as few applicants as they like between November and February.

Ajluni notes that he never interviews applicants or applicants of families he knows personally.

Find out more here (or by clicking the link below) where you'll also find information on how to work with the Business school and Barnard:

To learn more about volunteering opportunities, contact the CAA at [email protected].


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  • Anonymous
    commented 2019-10-31 03:51:55 -0400
    hey there, just a quick question from a foreign student willing to apply — should my high school and college diplomas be translated as for uscis or it could be done by any translation service as long as they provide the certificate attesting to their skills and the correctness of the translation? foudn online a service like this — will the certified translated documents be accepted??